Say goodbye to chalky pills and capsules! Experience the joy of juicy, plant-based gummies with Vegums. Sim plify your family’s vitamin routine!

100% Plastic-free

Our earth-friendly gummies come in biodegradable bags and cardboard tubes!

100% Vegan

Plant-based, cruelty-free gummies. Pure, ethical, natural ingredients for guilt-free enjoyment.

100% Gluten-free

Our gummies are gluten-free, meticulously made for a delightful, worry-free treat!

Kickstart your routine.

Say hello to Vegums.

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Join over 100,000 customers who love Vegums.


This is the easy part of my day. Open my Vegums pack and take my tasty gummies vitamins. I feel better and have more energy.


I absolutely love Vegums!! I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and stress levels! 100% recommend.


I have noticed a difference already after just 3 weeks! My joints are less painful and feeling I have a little more energy! My skin is also looking fresher!

Say hello to Vegums.

A carefully selected blend of minerals & vitamins.

We use fully traceable, top-notch ingredients that are kinder to your body and the planet, such as unrefined sugar and citrus peel-derived gelling agents. Indulge in our delicious gummies guilt-free!

Meet John & Abdul

Created by Pharmacists.

Pharmacist co-founders John and Abdul founded Vegums in 2018 to create delicious gummy vegan supplements that they actually looked forward to taking every day.

Maximum boost to their health and minimal impact on the environment.

Benefits of Vegums

Immunity support

Vitamins and minerals are the key to a well-functioning nervous system and building immunity.

Promotes health

Our delicious gummies give you the essential nutrients for a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Everything you need, and nothing you don't. Packed into just two tasty gummies per day.

Save time

Adults take two gummies per day and kids take one. Super simple, and super tasty.


Vegums are 100% plant-based and contains no animal products.

Plastic free

100% biodegradble packaging, our bags are made from cornstarch.

Feel the difference!


subscribers feel more energised and less tired after taking Vegums for 1 month.


subscribers feel they get ill less often since they started taking Vegums.


subscribers look forward to taking Vegums every morning instead of seeing supplements as a chore.


of customers rated us 5 stars on TrustPilot

Wholefruit Probiotic

Say hello to Nudums!

Nudum's are our new naturally delicious wholefruit gummies. Packed with live bacteria for good gut health. Gently baked Apples, Blackberries, Cherries, Strawberries & Raspberries.

It's our probiotic for good gut health, formulated by our pharmacists to be vegan, gluten-free, deliciously nutritious and ethicaly ambtious.

Frequently asked questions.

Let's cover the basics.

Why gummies?

Firstly they taste great, which not only means that kids (and adults) see them as a treat and not a chore, but also means that you remember to take them and they don’t just take up room in your medicine cabinet. 

Are Vegums suitable for children?

Absolutely! Kids aged 3-12 should chew 1 gummy a day, while those over 12 and adults can have 2 gummies a day. For kids under 3, it's not recommended due to choking hazards, not because of the vitamin content. However, for children aged 1-2, you can cut half a gummy and mix it with food, but dispose of the remaining half for stability reasons. Now form an orderly queue, kids!

Can I not just get these vitamins from my diet?

Yes, this is absolutely possible and we have listed some great food sources of these vitamins and minerals below. However realistically, with busy lives it can be difficult to ensure that you are consistently getting enough of the right amounts of nutrients in your diet, and it’s not harmful to get more than you need.