It can be a battle to get all of these in their diet. Give your child all the essential nutrients they need while letting them think it’s a treat.

Nutritious little gummy bears designed to deliver your childs daily dose of vitamins and minerals without it being a chore!

Naturally Crafted, Family-Approved.

They only use natural colours and flavours, with sweetness from a pinch of natural cane sugar and real fruit flavours.

Vegums are also founded by two pharmacists with seven kids between them!

All gummies are certified vegan, with omega-3 sourced from sustainable algae instead of fish. Plus, and our packaging is 100% plastic-free and compostable.

Ready to be your kids daily nutritional superheroes.

Getting nutrition right during childhood can be a mission and a half especially when the human you’re trying your best to make into a superhero goes and throws a spanner in the works by refusing to eat anything that isn’t beige.

We challenge you to find someone fussy enough not to want a gummy bear every day! Yes, even a grumpy teenager.

No more ordering different supplements for everyone in the family. Convenient monthly subscription so you never run out - can pause or cancel at anytime. 

Covering the basics

How many gummies do kids take per day?

Kids aged 3-12 years should chew 1 gummy a day, while those over 12 years can have 2 gummies daily.

For kids under 3 years, gummies are not recommended due to choking hazards, not because of the vitamin content. For children aged 1-2 years, we suggest cutting a gummy in half and mixing it with other food, but be sure to dispose of the remaining half for stability reasons.

Now, form an orderly queue, kids!

Are Vegums suitable during pregnancy?

There are no ingredients from Vegums that shouldn’t be taken in pregnancy or breastfeeding, in fact many of the vitamins and minerals are recommended during pregnancy, such as folic acid, vitamin B12, Iodine and vitamin D. 

However Vegums are not optimised for pregnancy and therefore do not contain the recommended 400mcg folic acid for early stage pregnancy, instead contain 200mcg. 

What happens if I (or my child) take too many?

Most of the vitamins and minerals in Vegums are water soluble and therefore will be simply excreted from the body by the kidneys through urine. 

However we have included a table detailing the amount of each vitamin in Vegums and the upper tolerable limit, which is the amount you may start to see side effects. If you are in any doubt just send us an email or speak to your doctor or pharmacist. 

The vitamin and mineral amounts in Vegums are well below the tolerable limits so taking too many should not cause any harm. 

What are Vegums sweetened with?

Each gummy bear contains a pinch of sugar: 0.7g (a sixth of a teaspoon), which is also the same quantity as the sugar in a chewable vitamin.

Both our Omega-3 and Iron gummies contain natural beet sugar, whilst our Multivitamin contains unrefined cane sugar.