No more capsules in plastic bottles!

We created our gummies with a plant-based diet in mind but they’re suitable for all! 

After more than a decade of experience as pharmacists, our founders John & Abdul were all too familiar with the challenges of maintaining a nutritious diet that aligned with their ethical beliefs.

Traditional plastic tubes and containers, while convenient, contribute significantly to environmental degradation.

We have a deep commitment to sustainability. Our gummies are lovingly packed in plastic-free, biodegradable bags, aligning with our ethos of minimizing our ecological footprint.

Meet the Founders

Vegums are created by Pharmacists.

After a decade as pharmacists and witnessing the drawbacks of traditional supplements, John and Abdul were inspired to disrupt the industry with Vegums.

Their revelations? No one enjoys swallowing tablets, vegan options are often an afterthought, and the norm of plastic packaging is more about convenience than necessity. With Vegums, they embarked on a mission to make ethical, plastic-free supplements the new standard.

John's Journey

John's Journey

John was tired of the dull routine of bland, chalky multivitamin pills. His ambition was to make a difference in how people take their vitamins.

He envisioned and created Vegums, a line of vitamin gummies that not only taste great but are also effective and enjoyable to take, changing the game for daily nutrition.

Abdul's Ambition.

Abdul's Ambition.

Abdul aimed to break the cycle of unnecessary plastic in supplement packaging. He was instrumental in ensuring that Vegums were packed in an ethical manner, utilising 100% plastic-free, biodegradable bags and cardboard tubes.

His dedication to sustainability has set a new precedent for how supplements should be presented, blending health with environmental stewardship.

Join the family.

By subscribing to Vegums, you're not just taking care of yourself; you're also helping the planet.

Yay! Our plant-based gummies are naturally flavored and come in plastic-free packaging, combining both health and sustainability.