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    Fish-Free Omega-3

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    The Omega-3 you’ll actually enjoy taking. Delicious orange gummy, packed with sustainable vegan omega-3.

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    Fish-Free Omega-3


    Omega-3 is essential for maintaining healthy heart, joints, eyes, hair/skin/nails as well as improving concentration and memory and boosting your immune system.

    It's a real powerhouse! If you don’t eat much fatty fish or seeds (flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds) then this is definitely one for you! Plus, this is the tastiest omega-3 out there so you’ll actually look forward to taking it. Perfect for kids and adults.

    Everything you need, and nothing you don't.

    Scientifically formulated by pharmacists.


    An essential nutrient crucial for energy production, brain function, red blood cell formation, and nervous system health.

    Fish-free Omega-3

    Vitamin B6 aids in brain development, supports red blood cell production, boosts immune function, and regulates mood.

    How come the gummies don't include any fish?

    We use DHA extracted from sustainably sourced marine algae, which is a highly bioavailable form of Omega-3.

    This allows us to offer the significant benefits of Omega-3 without fish!

    Did you know?

    DHA is the most bioavailable fatty acid in Omega-3!

    You’ll also get an immune boost from Vitamin E! The gummies also have a natural sweetness from real oranges and a pinch of unrefined beet sugar — just a sixth of a teaspoon per portion!

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    Vegums have somehow managed to make the only vegan omega 3 supplement that doesn't have that awful fishy taste!


    I was out of my depths trying to find a way of my kids eating omega 3, because most other products just taste disgusting. You saved me (and my kids' brains :) )


    I visited my doctor 3 months after taking these gummies and my blood pressure had lowered significantly!

    Let's cover the basics.

    How many do I need to take per day?

    Adults, take one two gummies daily with food and water. Kids under 12 take just one.

    What sort of Omega-3 do the gummies contain?

    We source our omega from sustainable marine algae, the omega-3 fatty acid is DHA (the only form in algae). This is the most bio-available form of omega-3, but there’s another fatty acid called EPA that you’re more likely to get from your diet in flax and hemp. 

    What are the benefits?

    Omega-3 is super important in so many places! It’s a fatty acid, which is an essential component of cell walls. It therefore has a range of potential benefits, including better sleep, healthier skin, healthier eyes, healthier metabolism, healthier bones & joints, and a healthier heart. It also supports the brain, improving memory and concentration and helping relieve ADHD and mood disorder symptoms.

    Why are other Omega-3 supplements fishy?

    Because fish act as the middleman! Algae is the thing that actually produces the omega-3, and then when fish eat algae they absorb it and convert some of the DHA to EPA. The reason even fish smells fishy is because of the oxidation of the omega oil.

    Are the gummies suitable for everyone?

    Almost! They’re suitable for vegans and allergy-sufferersaged 4+, but we don’t recommend them for anyone who’s pregnant or breastfeeding, and if you have an existing medical condition or are on medication you should always consult your doctor before taking a new supplement.

    Can I just get one months worth of gummies?

    Consistency is key when it comes to Vegums, which is why we offer a subscription service. However, if you're not ready to commit just yet (we get it!), feel free to try some of our gummies. Just select "One-time purchase" instead of "Subscribe".