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    Super Iron Gummies

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    60 Gummies - 100% Efficacy Guarantee
    100% of your daily Iron, 100% taste. These delicious blackberry gummies pack a real punch!

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    Super Iron Gummies


    Are Vegums Iron Gummies for me?

    Iron is essential for red blood cell production, and low iron can cause fatigue, poor concentration, and damaged hair, skin, and nails.

    Those at risk include women of childbearing age, children, vegans and vegetarians, people with gastrointestinal conditions, and those with poor dietary intake. Two Vegums iron gummies daily (one for kids) can help prevent deficiency.

    Everything you need, and nothing you don't.

    Scientifically formulated by pharmacists.


    It's essential for oxygen transport, energy production, immune function, cognitive development, and overall vitality.


    Natural blackberry flavor sourced sustainably and plant-based adds delightful taste, promotes environmental responsibility.

    Why is Iron not in the multivitamin gummies?

    While many multivitamins include iron, they often do not provide enough to fulfill the daily requirement.

    By offering a separate Iron gummy, we allow for more accurate dosing and the ability to specifically address iron deficiency without altering the balance of other nutrients in our Multivitamin.

    Did you know?

    We only us naturally-derived blackberry flavours and colours & sweeteners, our super iron gummies give you your daily dose of 14mg of Iron.

    That covers the full RDI for a female adult, so it’s more than enough for everyone!

    Real customers, real results!

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    These iron gummies have boosted my energy levels. I feel more active and alert daily! So tasty too!


    My hair looks healthier and shinier after starting iron gummies. Highly recommend for hair health.


    I feel much better overall since incorporating Vegums iron gummies into my routine. Truly transformative.

    Let's cover the basics.

    How many do I need to take per day?

    Adults, take one two gummies daily with food and water. Kids under 12 take just one.

    Why do I need Iron?

    Iron is an essential nutrient, meaning that the body can’t make it itself - it has to get it from your diet. Iron plays a really important role in the bloodstream, helping to carry oxygen to where it’s needed. Without it you could become anemic, which manifests as feeling tired or fatigued.

    What do the Iron gummies contain?

    Each yummy gummy contains 7mg of iron in the form of ferric diphosphate. Iron is a bulky molecule, so we couldn’t squeeze anything else in!

    Can I have Iron whilst pregnant?

    • Not only are the iron gummies suitable during pregnancy, they’re also a great idea - a pregnant person is sending blood around their own body as well as someone else’s, so their blood volume decreases and needs to be built back up with plenty of iron in tow!

    How many Iron gummies should I take?

    To hit the recommended daily amount for a maintenance dose (i.e. for people who aren’t deficient already) you should take 2 gummies a day. Each gummy contains 7mg of iron, so that’s 14mg in a dose.

    Should I take anything else with the Iron gummies?

    In order to get the best absorption of iron, it’s recommended that you take it alongside a vitamin C supplement (or something with a high dose of vitamin C in it such as a glass of orange juice).