All children deserve to have all the vitamins and minerals they need.

Vegums are nutritious little gummy bears designed to deliver the daily dose of vitamins and minerals without it being a chore. Unlike a pill or a capsule, kids & teenagers won’t be able to resist two tasty gummy bears a day!

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Are your kids getting their Omega-3?

Omega-3 fatty acids are important for maintaining your child’s overall health. Our gummies provide a huge 80mg DHA per daily dose, to help to maintain healthy eyes, skin, heart and brain! They may also aid sleep quality and reduce symptoms of ADHD and asthma.

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Why is Iron important for children?

Iron helps move oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and helps muscles store and use oxygen. Iron is also necessary for physical growth, neurological development, cellular functioning, and synthesis of some hormones.

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Bundle & Save 20%

combine & save 20%

Multivitamins for kids & teenagers.

Getting nutrition right during childhood can be a mission and a half especially when the human you’re trying your best to make into a superhero goes and throws a spanner in the works by refusing to eat anything that isn’t beige. We challenge you to find someone fussy enough not to want a gummy bear every day! Yes, even a grumpy teenager.

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Make sure your kids get everything from A to Z.

Our sugar-free A-Z multivitamin gives your children a blend of 10 vitamins and minerals, including B12 to support your metabolism and create healthy red blood cells, zinc to assist growth and development, and Vitamin K to regulate bone metabolism and blood calcium levels.

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got questions? say no more.

Easy! Just head over to any of our super tasty gummies and make your choice. Why’d  not checkout our complete set which features 3 bags of our gummies, which will give you everything you need!

Symptoms often depend on the severity of the anemia, but some people have obvious symptoms while others experience none at all.

Common symptoms include fatigue, palenes, shortness of breath, and dry or damaged hair and skin. If you think you have symptoms of iron deficiency, talk with your GP first.

Simple! It’s just 1 delicious gummy a day for kids (over 3yrs) and 2 for adults (over 12 yrs) – because we know you have better things to spend your time on! The best way to take our gummies is in the morning, during or after a meal with some water.

For the best results, consistency is key.

Our vitamins are not specifically designed to be taken during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, and therefore if this applies to you we recommend you speak with your doctor or pharmacist first.

Each gummy bear contains a pinch of sugar: 0.7g (a sixth of a teaspoon), which is also the same quantity as the sugar in a chewable vitamin.

Both our Omega-3 and Iron gummies contain natural beet sugar, whilst our Multivitamin contains unrefined cane sugar.

Yes! 100%!! The wrappers we use are plastic-free, cellulose bags, made from wood-pulp. They’re 100% biodegradable and can be thrown straight in your compost bin along with your potato peelings. They are also suitable to be used in vermicomposters.

To speed up the process, we recommend that you cut them into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors.

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