Our mission is to disrupt the supplement industry, making ethical products and plastic-free packaging the norm.

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Developing the perfect ethical multivitamin for everyone.

Vegums launched in November 2018. They contain no animal-derived ingredients (as certified by the Vegan Society), use only natural colours & flavours, and just a pinch of natural cane or beet sugar for sweetness. We’re devoted to providing the highest quality, ethical plant-based supplements.

We use a carefully selected blend of minerals & vitamins.

We created our gummies with a plant-based diet in mind but they’re suitable for all! Our card tube is recyclable and the cellulose film bags are compostable, ideal for zero waste living and a plastic-free healthy routine!

Meet Founders;
John & Abdul

After working as pharmacists for 10+ years John & Abdul realized a few things:

  • Nobody enjoys swallowing tablets
  • If you see the phrase ‘suitable for vegans’ on packaging it means you were an afterthought
  • Despite what supplement companies have you think, they don’t actually HAVE to be packaged in plastic bottles, they chose to because it’s cheap and convenient to manufacture.
  • They could do better. A lot better..so they created Vegums!

Their mission? Disrupt the supplement industry, making ethical & plastic-free products the norm.

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