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Fish Free Omega-3

Our vegan Omega-3 gummies use the natural sweetness of real oranges and a pinch of unrefined beet sugar — just a sixth of a teaspoon per portion. They also give you a huge boost of DHA which is the most bioavailable fatty acid in Omega-3, and ours is extracted and purified from sustainably sourced marine algae

Omega-3s make up important parts of cell membranes in our body, helping our organs, immune system and hormone system function properly.

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Vegums Iron Gummies

Our Iron gummies are the perfect accompaniment to our Multivitamin and Omega-3 lines, suitable for all the family! Like all our gummies, our Iron vitamins are Certified Vegan by The Vegan Society and contain no artificial colours or flavourings. Iron is an essential nutrient, a daily dose can help to prevent anaemia, which manifests as tiredness and a lack of energy.

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Our flagship plant-based Multivitamin

Our Multivitamin chewable vegan gummies have the natural sweetness of real strawberries and a pinch of unrefined cane sugar — just a sixth of a teaspoon per portion. Black carrot extract gives them their juicy red color. This little gummy will keep you topped up on Vitamins B6, B12, D3, Iodide, Selenium & Folic acid.

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100% Plastic Free Packaging

Your gummy cellulose bags are plastic-free, and made from wood-pulp. They’re 100% biodegradable and can be thrown straight in your compost caddy along with your potato peelings. They are also suitable to be used in vermicomposters. To speed up the process, we recommend that you cut them into smaller pieces with a pair of scissors.

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Quick Bites: Learn about Zinc in 1 minute.

Discover the power of Zinc with our quick and easy 1-minute read on its benefits! With all the vitamins and minerals out there, it can be confusing. But fear not! Our awesome…

The Multivitamin for Vegans

This is our flagship strawberry flavoured chewable Multivitamin gummy and it was made specifically for vegans and vegetarians who may have a higher risk of deficiencies. As with all of our gummies…

Vegan A-Z Sugar-Free Multivitamin

Our Iron gummies are the perfect accompaniment to our Multivitamin and Omega-3 gummies. These blackberry-flavoured Iron gummies give you a whopping 7mg of Iron per gummy! No artificial colours or flavours and of course Certified Vegan by The Vegan…

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You get one bag of each of the gummies in our range. Each contain 30 gummies!

This trio is the perfect way to cover all bases for someone on a plant-based diet especially. There’s no overlap between any of the gummies – if you only have one or two lines, you’re guaranteed to wish you had the other too! 

It’s the same dose of 2 gummies per day of each supplement for anyone over 4, so with 3 different lines you’ll be having a total of 6 gummies every day. What a treat!

We always try to give you the best possible price, especially when it comes to buying multiple products (for multiple people). By buying all 3 of our gummy lines, you’re getting x% off of all 3 products! Buying for the family? You’ll get an additional 10% off for every adult added and 5% off for every child.

Head over to any of the individual product pages or scroll up.

From the get go you’ll receive 2 bags of each line of gummies, meaning they’ll fit in letterbox-friendly boxes so you should never have any issues with missing your delivery!

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