Shop Header Styles

Peak Shop comes with various different shop & product category category header styles to make your site unique.

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  1. Display Product Category description
  2. Display Sub-Category links
  3. Set backgrounds & colors and choose between different layouts.

Product Listing Styles

Peak Shops comes with 3 unique layouts and 4 different “Add to Cart” placements and styles. You can toggle Product Category, Rating, Product Excerpt

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Filter & Sidebar Styles

Choose from Regular, Off-Screen, or Hidden filter options.[/thb_image]

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Quantity Styles

We have included different quantity styles for different style online shops.[/thb_image]

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Product Spacing

Adjust product spacing as needed to fit more products or to add more breathing space if you have a low number of products.[/thb_image]

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Shop Pagination Styles

Different pagination options allows you to change your shop experience as needed.[/thb_image]

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Product Badge Styles

Different product niches require different styles and our badge styles reflect that.[/thb_image]

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Live Search

Customers should not waste time searching for products and Live Search displays the most relevant results.[/thb_image]

Product Layouts & Options

Peak Shops comes with 3 unique layouts and sidebar options. You can choose between 4 different tab styles including an accordion style.

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Product Tab Styles

Peak Shops has 4 different tab styles depending on different product page needs.[/thb_image]

[thb_image alignment=”aligncenter” image=”638″]
Product Tab Position

You might want to change Product Tab Position if you have a larger product description or different number of tabs.[/thb_image]

[thb_image alignment=”aligncenter” image=”637″]
Product Sidebars

Display your product sidebar on the left or the right or just hide it altogether![/thb_image]

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Product Swatches

Peak Shops comes with built-in support for WooCommerce swatches, utilizing the core WooCommerce functions.[/thb_image]

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WPML Multilanguage & Multicurrency

You have nothing to worry about if you are running an International Online Shop. Peak Shops have you covered.[/thb_image]

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Product Thumbnail Layouts

Change the position of your product thumbnails easily. This way you can adjust your product image size accordingly.[/thb_image]

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Catalog Mode

Not selling right away? Enable Catalog Mode and showcase your products.[/thb_image]

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Product Video

With built-in video support, you can attach videos to your products.[/thb_image]

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Add to Cart Button Styles

4 different Add to Cart buttons, all with different color options.[/thb_image]